Trump Found Liable for Sexually Assaulting E. Jean Carroll

Trump Found Liable for Sexually Assaulting E. Jean Carroll

A New York jury found Donald Trump liable for sexually assaulting and defaming writer E. Jean Carroll, ordering the former president to pay her $5 million in damages.

The panel of six men and three women returned the verdict on Tuesday in Manhattan federal court after deliberating for less than three hours. Carroll had accused Trump of raping her in the dressing room of a Fifth Avenue department store in the 1990s and then defaming her by calling her a liar when she wrote about it. He was found liable for sexual abuse rather than rape.

The trial renewed attention to Trump’s fraught history with women as he embarks on another run for the White House. It’s also the first verdict against him personally in a string of legal cases that threaten to erupt during the 2024 campaign.

Because it was a civil rather than criminal case, Trump was never at risk of imprisonment over Carroll’s allegations. The standard of proof was also lower — the jury needed only to find that Trump was more likely liable than not, as opposed to beyond a reasonable doubt.

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