Taylor Swift Exposes Ticketmaster’s Trouble | The Big Take

Taylor Swift Exposes Ticketmaster’s Trouble | The Big Take

A group of Taylor Swift fans is suing Ticketmaster, the big live event ticket provider, after sales for her upcoming concert tour went haywire. It’s also drawn the attention of the US Justice Department. The government is investigating whether Ticketmaster is using its dominance in ticket sales to drive out competitors and drive up prices.

And Ticketmaster isn’t the only big company in the government’s sights. The Biden administration has taken an activist stand against the consolidation of corporate power in tech and other industries..

Sara Forden (https://www.bloomberg.com/authors/AEuGODBXoac/sara-forden), who leads Bloomberg’s coverage of corporate influence in Washington, and Leah Nylen (https://www.bloomberg.com/authors/AVvaSJbjmc4/leah-nylen), a reporter who writes about antitrust, join this episode to talk about Ticketmaster’s troubles– and a renewed push in Washington to rein in big companies.

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