Is Bitcoin Still Heading Into an Ice Age?

Is Bitcoin Still Heading Into an Ice Age? | Bloomberg Crypto

Before chaos broke out in the crypto market with the collapse of FTX, a report by digital-assets researcher CryptoCompare found that Bitcoin’s value…was still dropping. It appeared the industry wasn’t just heading into winter, but a possible “Crypto Ice Age.” 

Then the stunning downfall of crypto exchange FTX, which halted withdrawals and declared bankruptcy, and the resignation of its CEO Sam Bankman-Fried, sparked a wide-ranging market downturn with Bitcoin dropping from its previous plateau of around $20,000. 

As the digital-asset industry continues to adapt to a post-FTX reality, what will it mean for Bitcoin’s value?

Bloomberg reporters Olga Kharif and Vildana Hajric join this episode to discuss.

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