Euronext Boss Mourns the Lost City for Europe | In The City

Euronext Boss Mourns the Lost City for Europe | In The City

Brexit has consequences. According to the boss of Europe’s largest exchange group, one of them is that London is no longer the region’s dominant financial center. But that’s not the worst of it. Euronext Chief Executive Stephane Boujnah tells David Merritt and Francine Lacqua that restrictions on the movement of people, and how that’s changing the fabric of finance both in the City and across Europe, will do more damage.

Also on this episode of In the City, editor Tom Metcalf discusses the darkening mood within many banks and what that means for finance jobs and bonuses. He also says City Minister Andrew Griffith’s coming announcement regarding the government’s package of post-Brexit reforms is likely to be a muted affair.

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Is London having another moment? Shaken by Brexit, decimated by the pandemic, threatened by new ways of working and a worsening cost-of-living crisis, the city remains Europe’s (and arguably the world’s) beating heart for finance and for culture. In the wake of turmoil, The City of London is reinventing itself. Every week on In The City, Bloomberg’s Francine Lacqua and David Merritt go behind the scenes in the Square Mile and the wider metropolis, uncovering the stories and speaking to the people that matter.

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