AI’s Power as a Disruptor Theme; ESG Predictions | Bloomberg Intelligence

AI's Power as a Disruptor Theme; ESG Predictions | Bloomberg Intelligence

In this week’s Bloomberg podcast, Bloomberg Intelligence analysts discuss the findings and impact of their research:

ESG’s Shocks & Aftershocks: BI’s Top Predictions — Adeline Diab lays out the emerging issues that will shape this year after a rough 2022

The Year in ESG: Market Growth and Challenges — Shaheen Contractor explains the major forces that shaped the investment strategy.

AI Interest Heating Up, Bringing New Energy to Cooling Thematics — Breanne Dougherty says artificial intelligence is an investment theme with staying power and disruption potential.

Equity Traders Look to Get More From Algorithms; Goldman Leads — Jackson Gutenplan discusses the results of BI’s survey of traders.

M&A Mania May Go on in Tech and Pharma While Real Estate Slows — Andrew Silverman explains why two of the busiest deal-making industries will stay hot.

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Bloomberg Intelligence, the research arm of Bloomberg L.P., has more than 400 professionals who provide in-depth analysis on more than 2,000 companies and 135 industries while considering strategic, equity and credit perspectives. BI also provides interactive data from over 500 independent contributors. It is available exclusively for Bloomberg Terminal subscribers.

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Alix Steel and Paul Sweeney harness the power of Bloomberg Intelligence to provide company and industry research.

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