Retirement Systems of Alabama Discloses New Position in Healthcare Realty Trust Incorporated

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According to a recent Form 13F filing submitted to the SEC, Retirement Systems of Alabama disclosed a noteworthy new position in Healthcare Realty Trust Incorporated (NYSE: HR) stock. Here’s what you need to know about Healthcare Realty Trust Incorporated, as well as Retirement Systems of Alabama’s position in shares of HR stock:

Retirement Systems of Alabama

The Retirement Systems of Alabama inlcudes the Teachers Retirement System, Employees Retirement System, Judicial Retirement Fund, and other pension and benefit funds in Alabama, with over $21 billion in managed 13F securities. The Retirement Systems of Alabama serves the interests of its members by preserving the excellent benefits and soundness of the systems at the least expense to the state of Alabama and all Alabama taxpayers. You can learn more about Retirement Systems of Alabama on their website here.

Retirement Systems of Alabama’s New Position in HR Stock

According to the most recent 13F filing from Retirement Systems of Alabama, the institutional investment manager added a meaningful position in Healthcare Realty Trust Incorporated (NYSE: HR), with 1,022,907 shares, which represents approximately 0.2688% of the 380,572,019 total HR shares outstanding. Based on HR’s last closing price of $19.85 per share, Retirement Systems of Alabama’s stake in HR is worth approximately $20,304,703.95, assuming no change in the position size. If you’re not very familiar with Healthcare Realty Trust Incorporated, learn more below.

Healthcare Realty Trust Incorporated (NYSE: HR)

Healthcare Realty Trust is a real estate investment trust that integrates owning, managing, financing and developing income-producing real estate properties associated primarily with the delivery of outpatient healthcare services throughout the United States. As of September 30, 2020, the Company owned 211 real estate properties in 24 states totaling 15.5 million square feet and was valued at approximately $5.5 billion. The Company provided leasing and property management services to 11.9 million square feet nationwide.


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