Liberty One Investment Management Discloses New Position in Life Storage, Inc.

Latest LifeStorage Stock News - Self Storage REIT

According to a recent Form 13F filing submitted to the SEC, Liberty One Investment Mangement disclosed a noteworthy new position in Life Storage, Inc. (NYSE: LSI) stock. Here’s what you need to know about Life Storage, Inc., as well as Liberty One Investment Mangement’s position in shares of LSI stock:

Liberty One Investment Mangement

Founded in 2012, Liberty One Investment Management was founded by a team of high-producing financial advisors who could not find what they were looking for in traditional mutual funds, ETFs, or other asset managers – so they created it themselves. Liberty One Invevtment Management has over $600 million in assets under management. You can learn more about Liberty One Investment Mangement on their website here.

Liberty One Investment Mangement’s New Position in LSI Stock

According to the most recent 13F filing from Liberty One Investment Mangement, the institutional investment manager added a meaningful position in Life Storage, Inc. (NYSE: LSI), with 16,214 shares, which represents approximately 0.0188% of the 86,039,100 total LSI shares outstanding. Based on LSI’s last closing price of $106.25 per share, Liberty One Investment Mangement’s stake in LSI is worth approximately $1,722,737.50, assuming no change in the position size. If you’re not very familiar with Life Storage, Inc., learn more below.

Life Storage, Inc. (NYSE: LSI)

Life Storage, Inc. is a self-administered and self-managed equity REIT that is in the business of acquiring and managing self-storage facilities. Located in Buffalo, New York, the Company operates more than 900 storage facilities in 30 states and in the province of Ontario, Canada. The Company serves both residential and commercial storage customers with storage units rented by month. Life Storage consistently provides responsive service to approximately 500,000 customers, making it a leader in the industry.


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