Karma Sutra NYC Announces New Location In Philadelphia, PA

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New York, New York–(Newsfile Corp. – December 1, 2022) – The historic New York City club Karma Sutra NYC, recently under new management, has announced the pending grand opening of a second location in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Formerly known as two separate clubs with over a 30-year history – Karma and Sutra – the new owner has combined the two clubs into one, has updated the brand image, and is looking into even more expansion.

Currently located in New York’s Lower East Side, Karma Sutra NYC is now owned by LESFLO Enterprises, a local investment firm with multiple other avenues of business. CEO and founder Leroy Garcia says that due to the fact that his company handles both entertainment and security (LESFLO Entertainment Group and LESFLO Security Group), purchasing and operating the nightclub was the next logical step. His team felt that both Karma and Sutra, as separate clubs, both offered unique services; and during the pandemic while things seemed tough for many, LESFLO Enterprises seen an open opportunity.

As Karma and Sutra, the clubs were known to offer DJ services, host comedians, and for years Karma was the only local venue to allow cigarette and cigar smoking. LESFLO Enterprises intends to build upon these offerings and add additional kinds of shows and entertainment, as well as customized party packages and event hosting. The new management has also utilized unique methods of promoting the newly renamed Manhattan lounge by hosting exclusive seasonal events, showcasing up and coming new musicians releasing new albums, and producing listening sessions with well-known local DJs and celebrities.

CEO Garcia reveals that while the original two clubs were a staple in the neighborhood for over a quarter of a century, his company is focused on creating a fresh and updated vibe in the new Karma Sutra NYC and the pending additional location in Philadelphia. “We feed off the vibe and energy that was once curated at The World which was a nightclub in the neighborhood years ago, which was called a melting pot because it was known for welcoming every type of audience and demographic,” Garcia says. “It was legendary and launched countless careers. Huge names in music and entertainment were drawn to The World because its doors were open to literally the world.”

He says that his team is dedicated to preserving the rich history behind Karma and Sutra while providing an open-door atmosphere rarely seen since the early club days of the 90s. “We’ve also upgraded the variety of different services that are available,” he says. “We host private events, curate entertainment, arrange parties for special occasions, collaborate with well-known nightlife influencers – we’re working with individuals who have outfitted some of New York’s most famous clubs – Tribeca Grand, the Limelight, the Tunnel, Spa, Exit, Life, and more.”

Whether it’s a catered corporate event or an award show after party for A-list actors, celebrations for top athletes or promotions for platinum level musicians, Karma Sutra NYC – along with the new Karma Sutra Philly location – will be continually updating its roster of premium services. “Our team has extensive experience in entertainment of all different types and we have the capability to create custom venues and bar packages to meet all needs,” says Garcia.

LESFLO will be opening its Philadelphia location in early 2023.

Karma Sutra NYC is a nightclub/bar/lounge located in the East Village of New York City, also known as the Lower East Side. Karma Sutra NYC has replaced the former lounges known as Karma and Sutra. The new management is under LESFLO Enterprises, a New York based firm that specializes in entertainment, security, and investment.

Website: http://www.karmasutranyc.com/

Email: info@karmasutranyc.com

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/lesflo

Contact: Leroy Garcia

To view the source version of this press release, please visit https://www.newsfilecorp.com/release/146457


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