bValue HR Unveils Their Replacement Planning Feature to Their Platform Aimed at Managing the Quiet Quitting Dilemma

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Bozen, Autonome Provinz Bozen, Südtirol, Italy–(Newsfile Corp. – December 9, 2022) – Italy-based human resource management software developer, bValue HR, unveils their proprietary Replacement Planning Feature to their platform. The new feature developed by the firm aims to assist companies in addressing the issue of quiet quitting. The Replacement Planning Feature in the software enables companies to identify the potential chances of an employee leaving the company and predict it beforehand. The software makes the prediction possible by continuously monitoring and analyzing specific variables including the relationship between the managers and employees, the frequency of their absence, and possible opportunities available for the employees in the market among others.

The addition of this new feature to the existing HR management software by bValue HR is significant in addressing the ongoing trend of resignation by employees worldwide in general as well as the Great Resignation in the United States. Reports reveal that the resignation trend is likely to continue into the future. Therefore, predictions of quiet quitting help human resource management departments take essential measures to retain their employees and manage their talents effectively.

If an employee is potentially planning on quitting, the algorithm can find the best person to replace them or suggest steps to increase the likelihood of retaining them. The steps suggested depend on the problem, for example: if there are better offers within their job market, the algorithm could suggest a higher salary for the employee and the HR department would consider it.

“We create our technology with the purpose of making the work of HR smoother, easier and more valuable by automating human resource management tasks. Our software helps HR managers and the entire business population recruit, manage and develop people in one simple and intuitive platform. The new addition to our software, the Replacement Planning Feature, intends to assist companies in foreseeing potential resignations. This feature helps companies prepare in advance and make necessary changes to their employee management strategies. We hope our software and the newly added feature will make a significant impact on the employee management mechanism across the globe,” says Youssef Fitasse, Principal CEO of bValue HR.

bValue HR measures the entire professional life cycle of employees, from Recruiting to Off-Boarding, generating and grouping data in the form of KPIs in dedicated reports and dashboards, ready for one-click extraction. The company is also planning to launch another feature as an extension of the existing replacement planning facility. The upcoming feature determines people of importance, regardless of their role, within a company and the impact they would have on employees around them quitting, if they were to leave. With the introduction of a variety of new features, bValue HR seeks to make the process of hiring, developing and retaining employees easy and effective.

About bValue HR

bValue HR is a talent management software firm headquartered in Südtirol, Italy and was founded in 2019. The firm specializes in ​​HR Tech, Human Resources, Software Development, Recruiting, Onboarding, LMS, Performance Management, Data Analysis, Survey Analysis, People Analytics, HCM Software, and Talent Management systems.

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