Base Healthcare Begins Its Mission to Raise Awareness of Testosterone Deficiency and Improve Patient Outcomes

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Raleigh, North Carolina–(Newsfile Corp. – December 1, 2022) –  Base Healthcare, whose men’s health specialists are committed to bringing hormone optimization to the forefront of healthcare, has launched its men’s virtual health platform. The company, founded in 2022 by Shalin Shah and Himanshu Shah, also offers an FDA-approved Oral Testosterone Therapy and patient-centered health coaching with the goal of helping more men achieve adequate testosterone levels.

Base Healthcare states that it is working to address low testosterone, or hypogonadism, in the United States because the condition currently affects approximately 39% of men 45 years and older. While the majority are unaware they are hypogonadal, the symptoms can be apparent but misunderstood, including fatigue, low energy, weight gain, lower muscle mass, low libido, decreased bone density, depression, and anxiety.

The company explains that by working to help more men to have adequate testosterone levels, it seeks to also lower the incidences of potential downstream diseases, such as type-2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, fatty liver disease, and others.

Base Healthcare’s programs incorporate education on testosterone levels in America, including their decline since the 1970s due to the public’s increasing stress levels and rates of obesity. The company also focuses on helping the public to understand that long-term testosterone therapy may have the potential to reduce type-2 diabetes and even the incidence of prostate and colorectal cancers.

The services offered by Base Healthcare center around its patient engagement platform, whose dashboard allows members to monitor their improvement in the company’s four pillars: sleep, stress, nutrition, and exercise. The platform uses smartphone-based scanning technology to allow members to track their health metrics. Members receive real-time data about their current health with metrics such as body composition, body circumference, blood pressure, respiration rate, and more. The goal is for each member to receive better insights into their overall health, including hypogonadism.

Also part of Base Healthcare’s programs is its FDA-approved Oral Testosterone Therapy, which the company hopes members will find easier and more comfortable to use than previous testosterone therapy options, which could lead to scarring, were messy to use, and could be visible.

As Base Healthcare pursues its vision of more men having adequate testosterone levels, it encourages anyone who is concerned about hypogonadism to educate themselves on its symptoms, to eat well and exercise, and to prioritize good foundational mental and physical health.

Base Healthcare is a men’s virtual health platform that focuses on foundational health and optimization using an FDA-approved oral testosterone therapy and patient-centered health coaching.

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