Autowhale Announces Offering of Algorithmic Trading System for Funds and Crypto Companies

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Vienna, Austria–(Newsfile Corp. – December 9, 2022) – Autowhale, a crypto market-making and high frequency trading firm, announces the offering of its algorithmic trading system as a whitelabel solution for clients in the crypto industry. Since 2019, the company has been building software solutions solving various algorithmic trading problems with its core focus on market-making software. By collecting a wide range of experiences building trading systems, Autowhale built its reputation as a strong partner for building software around secondary markets.

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Throughout the process of building such trading systems, the company has built a robust infrastructure of components that tie together in an algorithmic trading system ready to be used for clients as a whitelabel solution deployed on the clients’ own systems.

Developing trading engines is a complex task and requires professionals, experience, and time as well as multiple iterations to get to the final product. Autowhale, therefore, offers its high frequency trading system to clients in the crypto industry who are looking to leverage a ready to use software system and make its first steps in building and running trading software.

Whitelabel Algorithmic Trading System

The whitelabel algorithmic trading system comprises different microservices that build up the modular architecture. The core of the system is the order execution engine that communicates with other components of the system that range from performance management, data preparation to a web-based terminal available for users of the system.

Autowhale’s high frequency trading system connects to 40+ different exchanges, can quickly scale to new strategies and runs trading bots in parallel in multiple exchange accounts. Throughout the process of setting up the system, Autowhale supports its client with requirements, hosting and system configuration to reach a stable system state at the clients hosting infrastructure.

The algorithmic trading system also has the ability to connect to Autowhale’s proprietary algorithms and be set up via low latency connections to Autowhale’s systems for receiving inputs setup in accordance with the client. Additionally, the algorithmic trading system is designed in a way that it is extendable to new algorithms or strategies that the client may need. Implementation of such strategies, depending on whether full source code access is given, can be done by Autowhale or the client.

Autowhale not only supports during the setup process but also provides support throughout the usage of the algorithmic trading system, as well as offers to handle maintenance tasks necessary to ensure a well-functioning system state.

To stay competitive, Autowhale keeps its edge in the market by encapsulating its proprietary models and algorithms from the whitelabel system and enables the clients to take full advantage of implementing its own models that do not rely on Autowhale’s services.

“I am excited to finally announce this addition to our services. I believe by offering our high frequency trading environment to the market, we make trading software more accessible for companies lacking time, resources and experience needed to build such system,” Autowhale’s CEO, Thomas Pratter said.

About Autowhale

Autowhale is a fast-growing crypto market-making and algorithmic trading software development company located in Austria. The company has seen steady growth despite ups and downs in the recent years in the crypto industry. With its most recent addition to its product offering the company continues to build out its product suite of software services related to secondary markets.

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Company Name: Autowhale GmbH
City: Vienna
Country: Austria

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