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MRKTS on mobile smart phones for investors

Follow the stories and sources that matter to you.

Follow the companies, executives, sources and topics you want to stay up to date on your portfolio, discover new investing ideas, and more.

Activate your inner activist.

Become a more active stakeholder and reach out to companies and executives, or get active in our investment community and share research with friends. Upload photos, videos, .PDFs and other attachments.

Investors can follow and communicate with public companies on MRKTS
Follow stocks and public companies on MRKTS.

Keep up with the companies you care about.

Never miss an update from your favorite publicly-traded companies listed on exchanges around the globe.

Join public, private, and hidden investor groups.

Share ideas and dive deeper into a wide variety of topics and niches with the hundreds of groups on MRKTS already or start a brand new group of your own!

Join investor groups on MRKTS.
Share investment ideas on MRKTS.

Speak your mind.

Share your opinions and ideas with fellow MRKTS community members 24/7.

Earn while you learn.

The more you learn, the more you earn on MRKTS.

Earn MRKTSCOIN while you learn on MRKTS!

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Access the MRKTS Community
Personal Investor Profile
Join Investor Groups
Follow Companies and Investors
Access to Basic Content
Unlimited Press Releases
Real-Time News Updates
Subscribe to Alerts
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Access to Basic Downloads
$9.99 / Month
All Basic Features +
Access to Elite Content
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Create Private Investor Groups
Create Public Investor Groups
Send Private Messages to Companies and Investors
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$99.99 / Year
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it free for investors to join MRKTS?

MRKTS offers different plans for different investor needs. All non-professional investors and traders can join MRKTS for free with the Basic Plan for Investors.

If MRKTS offers so many features for free why should I register?

Registering for free on MRKTS enables you to get breaking news on the investments you care about, access our global investor community, and more. Additionally, once registered, you can share your own ideas, comment on content, join groups, and expand your financial knowledge.

What are MRKTS groups?

MRKTS groups can be public, private, or hidden. With so many to choose from, these groups are a diverse mix of topics, niches, and more. Once registered you can join groups or start a new group of your own.

What is MRKTS Elite?

MRKTS Elite is for focused investors and traders of all experience levels looking to get exclusive access to premium content and investment ideas as well as Elite-only alerts, newsletters, and groups. MRKTS Elite members also get VIP customer service and priority access to new features.

What is MRKTS Pro?

With even more premium features and exclusive content than MRKTS Elite, MRKTS Pro is for serious investors and traders, high net worth individuals, and beginners looking to get exclusive access to premium content and investment ideas as well as Pro-only alerts, newsletters, and groups. MRKTS Pro members also get VIP customer service and priority access to new features.

What payment methods does MRKTS accept?

We accept all major debit and credit cards via Stripe.

Are my debit/credit card details safe?

Yes. MRKTS does not store your payment information in our servers. Our billing processor, Stripe, is the sole keeper of your billing information. The only information MRKTS has access to is the last four digits of your card number.

Can I cancel my MRKTS plan at any time?


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