MRKTS | 24/7 Market News Coverage for Capitalists

MRKTS was launched in October 2022 by investors for investors as a 24/7 community for capitalists. MRKTS distinguishes itself as a capital media platform for capitalist endeavors, versus a social media platform for socializing. MRKTS is a purpose-built community for investors, traders, investment professionals, companies, and stakeholders to connect, share, learn, and hopefully make more money as a result.

Financial Community

The MRKTS community is for anyone who wants money, makes money, spends money, saves money, or invests money. With financial literacy and education at its core, MRKTS is also for anyone who is interested in learning more about making, saving, and investing money. MRKTS is also for companies – both public and private, investment advisors, brokers, firms, and industry stakeholders like executives, entrepreneurs, and service providers. Just like the financial markets, the MRKTS community is at the intersection of investors and investments.

Financial News

MRKTS seeks to become the definitive source of financial news, data, information, and analysis for all financial industry stakeholders, not just professional and institutional investors. MRKTS aims to provide coverage on all asset classes, not just stocks, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, MRKTS aims to provide coverage on all major financial markets around the globe, not just major exchanges like the NYSE and NASDAQ. That means OTC stocks, as well as companies listed on global securities exchanges like the TSX, NSE, and more.